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“Entrepreneurs Day” , in Orange Grove in Athens , on 14th of November 2019

Participation in “Entrepreneurs Day” , in Orange Grove in Athens , on 14th of November 2019.

The Embassy and Orange Grove organises the event ‘Entrepreneurs’ Day – Sharing Business Stories’ taking place this Thursday, November 14. Successfull startups of Orange Grove Clio Muse Tours, @bigolivewalks, @LiaOliveOil and Kids in the Kitchen will discuss their achievements and hurdles along the way of starting a business.

We participate in the Workshops on monthly bases in the community as we are member where we discuss issues of entrepreneurship and innovative ideas .

Also , one big achievement of the community is the renovation of the Kipseli Market .

In the 1990s quite a few of the supermarkets and market halls closed down in this area.  An EU (European Union) grant enabled the old market building to be renovated and used for the Impact Hub. The Athenian suburb of Kipseli is made up of around 60% of migrants. The Impact Hub offers a safe place for people especially women to get together, cook together, meet with friends and a place for children to come after school.

The Hub offers lessons in the Greek language as well as computers, singing and music lessons. One Sunday a month there is a ‘Pop-up Brunch’ with different local restaurants each time. The Hub is made up of a large open central space with small units lining the two sides. Each of these units are occupied by an organisation who use the profits from their sales to put back into the community they support.

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