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Final meeting with engr. Maya Petkova-Getsova

On 19 March 2021, in the city of Ruse, at the Center for Vocational Training Sparki Ltd., the final meeting with
a representative of the national advisory board on behalf of Bulgaria was held – engr. Maya Petkova-Getsova.
The subject of discussion was the contents of Module 2. What is Management Accounting? and Module 3. Management Accounting and Entrepreneurship.
Presentations were delivered on all units from the two modules meeting the requirements of ECVET.

Engr. Getsova gave her final verdict on modules 2 and 3 as she emphasized on the knowledge, skills and competences, which the target group learners could obtain from them. In addition, she pointed out that the well-formulated summaries, the precisely selected questions, the case studies, the key words, and the examples bring an additional insight into expanding the prospective learners’ practical knowledge and skills.

In conclusion, engr. Maya Petkova-Getsova stated that the two modules meet the requirements of a practical qualification course in Management Accounting in a number of ECVET vocations. At the same time, she said, the developed curriculum and syllabi with ULO could be used in the licensing/relicensing the Center for Vocational Training documentation in compliance with the new requirements in the National Educational Standards. With a view of achieving sustainability, the contents of the two modules should be popularized among other centers for vocational training in the country. At the end of the meeting, a written review was handed in.

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