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Interview with Assoc. Prof. Hristo Sirashki, PhD regarding the Y4B project

About the project

Economic crisis and young business failures – young low skilled people embark in entrepreneurship without having the necessary skills to avoid the many caveats that they will encounter when starting and operating their business.

Fear for business failure & lack of start-up skills – Young people often have little work experience, either as employees or entrepreneurs, and are unlikely to have been able to acquire significant specialised technical, business management or personal entrepreneurial experience.

Management Accounting and Entrepreneurship – the planning and monitoring in an organisation, both financially and non-financially quantified.

Target groups:

  • unemployed/uneducated aspiring entrepreneurs (special attention to females)
  • failed entrepreneurs
  • those with refugee/immigrant background
  • those with socially disadvantaged backgrounds

Start date: 17 December 2018
End date: 16 June 2021

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Mastering Social Graces: Breaking the Ice at Events

Navigating social gatherings can be a delightful yet daunting task, especially when you find yourself amidst a sea of unfamiliar faces. Whether it's a formal banquet, a corporate meet-up, or a casual get-together, the ability to break the ice and engage in meaningful conversation is a valuable skill. This article explores effective strategies to warm up the atmosphere, connect with others, and enjoy enriching interactions. It also touches on navigating social events where professional companions may be present, emphasizing the importance of respectful and appropriate communication.

Engage with Open-Ended Questions

Initiating Inclusive Conversations

The art of asking open-ended questions cannot be overstated when it comes to breaking the ice. These questions, unlike their yes-or-no counterparts, encourage detailed responses and can lead to more engaging conversations. For instance, asking, "What brings you to this event?" or "How do you know the host?" can open up avenues for dialogue, allowing you to find common ground or interesting topics to explore further. This approach not only shows your interest in the escort that you've previously talked online on but also provides them with an opportunity to share their story, making for a more inclusive and welcoming exchange.

Share a Light-Hearted Anecdote

The Power of Storytelling

A well-timed, light-hearted anecdote can be a wonderful icebreaker, especially if it's relatable and appropriate for the setting. Sharing a funny or interesting personal experience can make you more approachable and can help ease any lingering awkwardness in the air. The key is to keep the story brief, relevant, and respectful, ensuring it's suitable for the audience and the nature of the event. Humor, when used judiciously, can be a fantastic tool for warming up the atmosphere and forging connections.

Offer Genuine Compliments

Building Rapport with Kindness

Offering genuine compliments is a simple yet effective way to break the ice. Whether it's praising someone's attire, their recent presentation, or even their choice of refreshments, compliments can serve as great conversation starters. The emphasis here is on sincerity; insincere or excessive flattery can come across as disingenuous. A heartfelt compliment not only can make someone feel appreciated but also opens the door to further conversation, laying the groundwork for a pleasant exchange.

Navigating Professional Companionship at Events

Respectful Interaction is Key

At certain social gatherings, you may encounter professional companions or escorts who are there to offer their company and social engagement. Interacting with professional companions requires the same level of respect and courtesy as engaging with any other guest. The focus should remain on polite and appropriate conversation topics, such as interests in arts, culture, or general observations about the event. Maintaining professionalism and respecting boundaries is paramount in these interactions, ensuring that all parties feel comfortable and respected. It's also crucial to remember that consent and mutual respect are the foundations of any positive social exchange, regardless of the context.

Breaking the ice at social events is an art that combines attentiveness, empathy, and a dash of creativity. By employing open-ended questions, sharing relatable anecdotes, offering genuine compliments, and navigating all interactions with respect and consideration, you can transform initial awkwardness into an opportunity for meaningful connections. Whether you're engaging with a long-time colleague, a new acquaintance, or a professional companion, the essence of breaking the ice lies in fostering an atmosphere of warmth and inclusivity. With these strategies in hand, you're well-equipped to turn any social event into an enjoyable and memorable experience, filled with engaging conversations and new connections.